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Winter Time's A Comin'

Winter is just around the corner! And while hunger is a year-round problem, the winter

weather places additional strains on older adults and families with children already

dealing with limited financial resources.

Heating costs skyrocket. Medical needs escalate during cold and flu season. Vehicles

break down and need repairs. And as a result, our neighbors are forced to stretch their

limited budgets even further.

Did you know that children and older adults are most likely to be affected by hunger?

This winter, and all year long, Of One Accord Ministry’s Emergency Food Pantries are

working hard to provide a reliable source of food for families, older adults and children.

Your much needed donation today will help provide nutritious food for families, older

adults, and precious children who otherwise may go without. Every dollar matters to

ensure that our neighbors in Northeast Tennessee have enough food to eat.

We make the most of your generous gift by providing enough food for nearly 4 meals for

every $1 you send. Your donation today of $25 will provide 100 meals this winter or $50

could be 200 meals.

Let’s join together to make sure our neighbors in Hawkins and Hancock County, TN have

the food they need to make it through winter!

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