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Of One Accord Ministry

Christmas for the Children Program Application 

Deadline to apply is November 17, 2022. Late applications will not be approved.


Online Application Portal opens October 3rd and closes November 17th.

Staff will hold office hours for individuals who need assistance completing the application. 


Need assistance completing the application? Contact:


Lower Hawkins County Residents (Rogersville area)

Jennifer Kinsler



Office Hours

Oct 3 - Nov 17 




Upper Hawkins County Residents (Church Hill area)



No email for this office.

Office Hours

Select Days  

October 3, 5, 17, 19

November 7, 9, 14, 16


Every year, Of One Accord Ministry provides Christmas assistance to children in need through the Christmas for the Children (CFTC) program. Children ages 0 to 17 years who are registered for the CFTC will have their specific Christmas wishes listed on Shopper Sheet tags, which are "adopted" and fulfilled by community members, churches, and organizations. To streamline the application process, CFTC applications (for Hawkins County residents) can be completed online.

Once the application is submitted electronically, Of One Accord Ministry staff will review and consider the application for approval. If the application meets the eligibility criteria list below, Of One Accord Ministry staff will contact the applicant via email, text, phone, or mail with more instructions for participating in the CFTC program.  

If you wish to apply for CFTC assistance, please click the link (application available in both English and Spanish) below to start your application. If you have any questions or issues with the application process, please call or email Jennifer Kinsler (423)500-1019 or .

To apply, please have the following items/documents available:

  • Government-issued picture ID for the parent/guardian of the household;

  • Proof of income (current 2022 food stamp letter is preferred;

  • Proof of children (current 2022 food stamp letter is preferred; birth certificates or custody papers for all children in household);

  • Proof of address and residency in Hawkins County (current 2022 lease or utility bill is preferred)

Applications are open online for Hawkins County residents only. The Shepherd’s Corner in Hancock County will release more information about their upcoming applications soon.

Criteria to participate in the program:

  • must be a resident of Hawkins County or your child must attend a school in Hawkins County;

  • must be the parent or legal guardian of the child;

  • the child must live in your household;

  • and children in household must be 17 years or younger.

    • NOTE: Foster children are ineligible for the program since they are served by other agencies in the county.

  • Gross income of household cannot exceed maximum income limits for applicant household size. The chart below shows Gross Income Eligibility Guidelines, based on 125% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size        Gross Monthly Income Maximum

          1                                          $1,330

          2                                          $1,796

          3                                          $2,263

          4                                          $2,730

          5                                          $3,196

          6                                          $3,663

          7                                          $4,130

          8*                                        $4,596

*To determine maximum income levels for households above size 8, add $467 for each additional member to the maximum monthly income for household size 8.

Christmas Food Boxes

Families who sign up and are approved for the Christmas for the Children Program will automatically be registered to receive a Christmas Food Box. You will receive a food box ticket in the mail. You must show your ticket on the day of pickup to receive your food box. Details regarding date of pickup, etc will be included on the ticket.


NOTE: Older adults in Hawkins County will need to come by the food pantry in Church Hill or Rogersville and fill out an application.

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