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Livesay Honored with Lion Heart Award

Every year, Food Lion Feeds honors local food banks, community leaders, and associated committed to hunger relief.

"Feedy's Awards" recognize those making a big difference in the communities Food Lion serves. These awards recognize individuals and organizations across the country for their exceptional work to fighting food insecurity and hunger in their communities.

Sheldon Livesay, Executive Director of Of One Accord Ministry, was awarded the "Lion Heart" Award. The "Lion Heart" Award recognizes an individual who demonstrates outstanding skills in coordinating and motivating groups of donors and volunteers for Food Lion Feeds' hunger-relief projects to benefit partner food banks. Sheldon was selected based on his longstanding commitment to the food pantry he helped create in 1988 which started out of a bedroom in his home. This food pantry has since become Of One Accord Ministry. Of One Accord Ministry operates three food banks - Rogersville, Church Hill, and Sneedville, TN. Over the past three decades, Of One Accord Ministry has distributed nearly 19 million pounds of food to hungry neighbors from its three food pantries staffed by 100s of volunteers.

When asked about this award, Sheldon was quick to point out that this is not an individual award. The Lion Heart Award represents the work that God has enabled Of One Accord Ministry to participate in over the past three decades and could not have been accomplished without the dedication, commitment, and passion of Of One Accord Ministry's staff, volunteers, friends, churches, and partnering agencies. To God Be the Glory!

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