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2020 Vision with Appalachian Miles for Smiles

During the week of September 7th, Of One Accord Ministry partnered with Appalachian Miles for Smiles (AMFS) to host a two-day vision and dental clinic. This was the first year that the clinics were offered in Rogersville. In previous years, AMFS set up their clinics at the Church Hill Medical Mission.

It was an exciting two days with dentists pulling 51 teeth and optometrists fitting 47 local residents with a pair of eyeglasses.

Frank Waldo, AMFS founder, has a heart for helping people in our region have both their physical and spiritual needs met. Through a series of “God events” Waldo converted a couple of large trailers into mobile dental and vision clinics. Depending on the location, multiple dentist, optometrist and/or ophthalmologist can be working at the same time. Waldo explained they are doing from two to three clinics a month scattered throughout the Tri-Cities because they have found such a desperate need here in our region.

Waldo and the team at AMFS express their great gratitude for all the professionals who give their time to volunteer. He stated potential clients can find out about upcoming clinics by calling their office or visiting their website. Potential providers wishing to volunteer can contact Michelle Campbell at

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