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What a year!

Wow, this has been a very unique year. With the threat of COVID-19 and need for social distancing, we implemented new protective measures to safeguard our community and our staff and volunteers. We have also experienced a dramatic uptick in the number of households served by our 3 food pantries, as well as those served by The Mission Family Support Center in Hancock County. We are seeing lots of new families needing help due to layoffs and we expect this trend to continue well into next year.

During these extraordinary times we have watched as our community stepped up to meet the needs of others. Volunteering their time. Donating their stimulus funds to help others in need. Donating masks to our medical clinic - Church Hill Medical Mission. Delivering life-saving medicines to our patient's homes. Delivering meals across Hawkins and Hancock County, TN. Making phone calls to check in with those served by our food programs and clinic. It makes you plumb proud to live in the Volunteer State, doesn't it?

Thank you community! We love you!

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