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Serving Appalachia
East Tennessee

Emergency Food Pantry
                          Medical Clinic
Thrift Stores - Sneedville TN and
                          Rogersville TN
                        Nutrition Services
Neighborly Meals
The Lunch Box
                          for the Children
                          neighbor Home Repair
Photos from Of One Accord Ministry

Of One Accord Ministry serves some of the lowest income families in the nation in Appalachia East Tn. Serving 2 counties - we still see families who live without bathrooms or indoor running water.

Serving Appalachia

     Let me introduce you to Of One Accord Ministry.  We are an Appalachia Ministry serving two rural impoverished counties in East Tennessee, Hawkins and Hancock.

     The year end report has to count nickels and noses, but at the same time we realize each number, each face has a name and a situation that tugs at the Lord’s heart and should ours as we walk with Him to be as Jesus on this earth. 

     We still serve some Appalachian families who don’t have bathrooms and don’t have water in their homes.  We have seen families with children who don’t heat during the winter because it would mean a bill so high, they know they couldn’t pay and their electric would be cut off.

     Through ministry centers in 3 communities, we serve all of 2 counties.  There are 3 food pantries, a senior hot meals program whereby we deliver meals to homes 5 days a week, a summer feeding program operated through 4 renovated school buses that are mobile cafeterias.  The ministry operates a medical clinic and does the county-wide Christmas activities for Hawkins County.  We operate 2 thrift stores which help with salaries and overhead so more money can be spent on programs.  Only 3 cents out of a dollar is spent on Administration Expenses.

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