Potential Mission Teams:
                It is an honor to host mission teams and we always are having  new groups explore the possibility of spending a week with us.
                If you are interested in coming to East Tennessee, you will find our mission team packet posted here for more initial information.  (click here)              

Scheduling a Date:
                We are able to host one team a week from the first 1st of June- through the 2nd week of August.  We can also schedule one group other weeks throughout the year for other programs.   If you are interested in planning for the summer, please refer to the attached calendar-  (June,  July,  August) looking for dates.   Check calendar here

For Home Repairs:                            
                Of One Accord starts the year with -$ 0- funding for home repairs.  There are some few sources for limited funding for homes but it might take months to secure that funding.  Fees are asked of members of the teams that come.  Refer to the information packet and please be patient as we work to secure funding for potential projects.

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